Data Privacy: focus on GA4 & nLPD/GDPR

Is Google Analytics Data nLPD/RGPD compliant? What are the risks associated with its use? Get an understanding of the situation to be able to make an educated decision on how you want to track your clients on your website. This article is suitable for people without extended knowledge of Google Analytics or the nLPD. I’m […]

What data in SEO and why does it matter?

In this article you will find how to choose the right metrics, what is a ‘good KPI’ and why some metrics  don’t speak the language of the business. Article based on a talk. This article is based on a talk I gave at SwissRe in October 2023. When I was asked by SwissRe’s Digital Media […]

Women in Tech SEO Podcast about Multilingual SEO

Things to consider about multilingual SEO.

BoostRAOS #WeeklySEO about international SEO

Things to consider about internal SEO and a case study explained

A Data-Driven Approach to Find Content Ideas with Lisiane NDONG

Lisiane Ndong at Content Strategy Lausanne about data driven content writing.

How to create a content calendar with Gemma Fontané

Content Strategy Lausanne – Content Calendar with Gemma Fontané

#SEOnerdSwitzerland with Martin Splitt and Monito: video & slides

As promised, here you will find the link to the recording, the slides & my key takeaways regarding the September 2020 online SEOnerdSwitzerland meetup with Martin Splitt and Monito. A huge thank you to Martin, Paul and Olivier. Preparing a presentation and being present to the meetup take a lot of time. Our association #SEOnerdSwitzerland […]