SEO content audit for a company in the gaming industry by Isaline Muelhauser, SEO Consultant

SEO Audit: Content of a Gaming Website

Highlighting SEO Optimisation Opportunities for the Visibility of the French-Speaking Website

The Challenge

A leading company in the gaming equipment sector conducted a content audit for three priority markets, including the French market, to highlight SEO optimisation opportunities at the content level. The project was managed by Slingshot Organic.

SEO Audit Focused on Content, Localisation for France
Gaming Industry

The Solution

I performed an SEO audit focused on content quality: over 40 manual checks regarding visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). To ensure comparability, I used common templates and methods with the consultants who conducted the audits in German and English.

The SEO Specialist’s Perspective

There are 100 ways to conduct an audit. It is essential to define the elements to check in order to use the available time on points that will have a clear impact. An audit focused on content quality allows targeting optimisations and effectively allocating the annual SEO budget.

As an SEO consultant, my role is to provide a high-quality deliverable that is immediately usable and to highlight any additional points not included in the official documents to enable my contractor to have a useful conversation with their client.


Thank you to Emma Russel, Managing Director at Slingshot Organic at the time of the project, for her trust. It was a pleasure to collaborate. I look forward to working together again.

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