SEO Project and Copywriting for PRO VELO Région Lausanne by Isaline Muelhauser, SEO Consultant

SEO Project and Copywriting for PRO VELO Région Lausanne

The Challenge

PRO VELO is committed to promoting daily bicycle use in the Lausanne region. The association advocates for safe, direct, and continuous bike infrastructure and promotes cycling through courses, events, and various activities. The website aims to share information about the association’s activities, recruit members, gather donations, and sign-ups for the newsletter. It is essential for the website to be visible for the brand name and its activities.

Non-Profit Sector

The Solution

Activities undertaken included:

  • Keyword research and targeting (URL mapping)
  • Editorial guidelines for digital media
  • SEO-optimised copywriting
  • Google Business Profile optimisation
  • SEO consultation as needed, addressing all queries

As a national association with local committees, PRO VELO faces significant competition among websites in search engines. Using the brand name “PRO VELO Région Lausanne” accurately, consistently, and regularly on the website and all communication materials helps mitigate this difficulty.

Another central focus of my work was to increase the number of non-brand-related but relevant keywords for which the website is visible.

The SEO Specialist’s Perspective

In this project, it was crucial to articulate a large amount of text to share the values, knowledge, and activities known by the committee members and association members but less highlighted on the website for the general public. Selecting vocabulary to create a relevant semantic field and web editorial guidelines were fundamental.

For an association, it is essential for me to quickly understand how I can be helpful and to target efforts to use the budget optimally. As a cycling enthusiast, it was a pleasure to contribute.


A big thank you to the committee of PRO VELO Région Lausanne for their trust and warm welcome. It was a pleasure meeting you.

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