What data in SEO and why does it matter?

In this article you will find how to choose the right metrics, what is a ‘good KPI’ and why some metrics  don’t speak the language of the business. Article based on a talk. This article is based on a talk I gave at SwissRe in October 2023. When I was asked by SwissRe’s Digital Media […]

SEO Speaker, Conference Speaker – Isaline Muelhauser

Isaline Muelhauser is available for speaking engagements in Switzerland and online. LinkedIn: Isaline Muelhauser email: isaline@pilea.ch. As a conference organizer, you want your audience to feel like they have learnt something valuable. You want a speaker to share knowledge in an engaging and enthusiastic way. If every participant leaves your event happy and wowed, your […]

Women in Tech SEO Podcast about Multilingual SEO

Things to consider about multilingual SEO.

BoostRAOS #WeeklySEO about international SEO

Things to consider about internal SEO and a case study explained